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Giannitsa is the most populated city of Pella prefecture and abstains only 45 km from Thessalonica and 37 km from Edessa.
It is a city which is simultaneously the rural, but also the financial centre of the region. The desiccation of the lake years 1933 - 36 it created a large cultivation area.
More than the 60% of total territory of municipality of Giannitsa is cultivable ground. In the productivity of region contributes also the river Loudias, which crosses the plain, while the polymorph of landscape strengthens the mountain Paiko, that dominates the north-western landscape of Giannitsa.

Monuments and history

  • Historical and folklore museum
  • Temenos Gazi Ebrenos (Mausoleum)
  • Clock Tower
  • Temenos Achmet of Bey Ebrenosogloy (Mausoleum)
  • Prehistoric settlement of Giannitsa
  • Archaeological place Pella, 7 km from Giannitsa
  • Archaeological place Bergina, 35 km from Giannitsa
  • Faculty of Aristotle in ancient Mieza (45 km)
  • Metropolis of Giannitsa



  • Rawing centre “Loudias”
  • Modern ski centre Kaimaktsalan, 60 km from Giannitsa and old Ag. Athanassios (60 km)
  • Rafting in Krania, 20 km from Giannitsa
  • Horse Riding
  • Sporting Shooters Association
  • The mountain Paiko is considered ideal for walk and mountaineering without particular difficulties
  • The ski centre Seli, 45 km from Giannitsa
  • Baths of Pozar, 50 km from Giannitsa


With base of operations Giannitsa, the bigger and more live city of prefecture Pella, in strategic point in the centre of central Macedonia, you can with near daily excursions visit:

  • The waterfalls of Edessa (40km)
  • Ag. Nikolaos Naousas (50 km)
  • Thessaloniki (50 km)
  • Panagia Soumela (50 km)
  • The abbey of Saint Georgiou in Arid (7 km)
  • The abbey of Saint Nicodemos in Pentalofo (20 km)
  • The abbey of Saint Rafail in Griba (25 km)


 Rich archaeological treasures, tourist sights and infrequent beauty of the natural environment create a completed composition that deserves your visit.

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